5 Companies That Get Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy is always a tricky subject. While many rightfully see it as a way for companies to ingratiate themselves and score some cheap PR points, there’s no denying that some companies truly do some good and make a difference both locally and abroad. There are two main forms of corporate philanthropy, matching gift programs (when employers match employee donations) and volunteer grant programs (when businesses give money to nonprofits in exchange for employees working for them). Here are 5 companies that have managed to get everything about corporate philanthropy right:jonathan_offt_corporate_giving

  1. Apple: Surprising no one, Apple is both a leader in business as well as one of the leaders in corporate philanthropy. When Tim Cook became CEO he immediately implemented a gift matching program. In 2014 Apple announced that this program would be available in all countries where it had a presence and has so far donated over $50 million around the world. The company also has a volunteer grant program that donates $25 per hour of work at a volunteers chosen charity.
  2. Google: Again, this shouldn’t be surprise due to both Google’s massive funds as well as it’s position as a business leader around the world. Google, as befitting to the uniqueness of the company, has some pretty interesting philanthropic options. With employees volunteering over 80,000 hours last year and with a total of $21 million in matched donations over the years, Google has been on the forefront of corporate giving. Google also supports a large number of community programs spread across the country that touch on a number of different educational and electronic needs.
  3. Microsoft: Microsoft should be another company that is no surprise when it comes to corporate charity (after all, Bill and Melinda Gates did start the Gates Foundation). The company began its charitable matching program in 1983 and has donated over $1 billion to various causes around the world. Along with donating money, Microsoft also donates computers so that nonprofits don’t need to spend money on getting the most cutting-edge technology they can.
  4. PepsiCo: PepsiCo focuses on health, agriculture, and living charities due to its status as a food company (and the need to counter the bad press its brands frequently receive due to health concerns). The company also focuses on women’s empowerment and job preparedness and has a number of programs in developing countries such as India, Ghana, and even some US states. It also loved charities that focus on clean water technology and donates about $25 million a year through grants to various charitable causes.
  5. Shell: While this might come as a surprise, Shell is actually one of the most charitable businesses out there. Along with a gift matching program, the company donates money to schools aimed towards oil-based research and student programs. As of 2014, the company has created over 35,ooo jobs and raised over $5 billion on 4 continents.

While these aren’t the only companies out there doing good for society, these are just examples of how great corporate giving can be. If you’d like to read more, the link is here.