Nonprofit to build children’s home in Andover

Jonathan OfftAccording to an article, back in January 2012, Suzi Thien, an executive director of Sunlight Children’s Advocacy Center, began fundraising to construct a children’s home in the city of Andover specifically in the Butler County.

In order to start the project, Thien set out over three years to raise $2.5 million. It turns out it only took her two years so she couldn’t be more excited. “I can’t even put into words how thrilled we are that we were able to raise the money so quickly,” Thien said.

The Sunlight Children’s Advocacy Center has served over 800 children since it began back in March of 2007. The mission of the center is “to provide resources and facilities that support and protect abused and neglected children and their families.” With the new children’s home ready to break ground this year, Suzi Thien is excited to be able to serve even more children.

Instead of generous donations from a few big donors, Suzi said the donations came from many people across the board. The center has only $79,375 left in order to meet their $2.5 million goal. Suzi is excited to finally reach that mark in less time than anticipated.

It’s great to see a new children’s home being built in Butler County. These kind of projects could never happen without the great leadership of someone like Suzi Thien. They also wouldn’t be possible without the generous donations of so many people who care about young kids of America. Suzi understands that young children are the future of America and this world. It is important to give them the opportunity necessary to reach their goals and to lead a healthy life.