Nonprofit Grants Dream Wedding to Dying Woman

For most people facing a terminal illness, marriage and weddings are the furthest thing from their minds. Even those that do want to get married face the burden of wedding costs adding to their already expensive medical treatments; an option that is unsustainable and untenable for most people. However there is a nonprofit out there that caters directly to people in need and they work with people in the wedding industry to make sure that the weddings go off according to the clients dreams and for no cost to the newlyweds whatsoever. Wish Upon A Wedding partners with caterers, wedding planners, and everyone else involved in making these magical memories and provides beautiful and free weddings to people facing terminal illnesses or drastically life-changing events.

For Mark Zvonek and his wife Ana, the nonprofit changed their lives when it donated a full wedding to them. Both Mark and Ana weren’t even thinking about having a wedding to begin with. Ana has stage 4 colon cancer and between the bills and the treatments, neither her nor Mark had the energy or money for the wedding that she always dreamed about. Wish Upon A Wedding help Ana plan her dream wedding and then delivered the entire package to the couple for no cost at all. The nonprofit hired photographers as well as getting flower arrangements, musicians, invitations, and food for the couple as well as their family and friends. The nonprofit also managed to get a resort to host the wedding so that the happy couple could retire in splendor after their exhausting day.

So many people think that charity and philanthropy is all about giving money to those in need and that it. People don’t realize that giving people experiences and memories can be just as important as the physical things. Memories. photos, happiness, and laughter can be just as, if not more, important as pretty things.

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